Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Why we fail in business 


In Today's world we will find lots of peoples starting business by getting new idea.

What is business ? 
Any idea which can you help to convinced people to give money for your idea. That's deal called as business. 

What's common strategy of every business ?
When anyone can start business his/her strategy is spend less and earn more. Which can not be possible till 1000 days of business. Also majorly people thinking about money in business not for customer satisfaction.
While any company start earning money they are not think about human which help to grow business. 

How people starting business
1)   Some People are start after getting some guidance from parents
2)   Some People are start business because they feel jealously from other business person
3)   Some people are start business because they want to do something different in different way
4)   Some people are start business because they are frustrate from current job.

Reason for failure in business

Majorly people failure in business because lake of planning of income and expenses.
Secondly business goes down due to not manage money flow and customer service
Sometimes business fail due to management try to satisfied customer instead of  human who working for business.

Lots of people starting their business with goal to earning money. But there are few people who can reach the destination. Some people down business of some major loss. Some people stop business due to internal fights. Some people down their business  because lack communication with employee and management. 

People start business when feel that they are able to doing and manage business. But at the same time that business become fail why because they know how to manage business but they don't know how to manage human. Afterall all business depends on human not on product.